Children’s Imbizo

Since 2008 CCSA has successfully organised the annual Children's Imbizo / Conference. Imbizo is a community meeting called by the Chief/Traditional leader of that community to discuss matters affecting the community. We adopted this concept as a child participation activity, this came after we discovered that children in the villages we curious about these meetings and could not take part as the society felt it was for adults only.

Aim of the event:
To provide a platform where rural children are able to voice their opinion and issues affecting them

Agenda of Imbizo:
Conference delegates are representatives of the schools that participated in the Child Advocacy workshops during the year. The discussions are based on the UN conversion on the rights of the child. The 42 articles are clustered into Development; Survival; Protection and Participation issues.

  • 2010 - 120 delegates from 10 primary schools in 08 rural villages.
  • 2009 - 90 delegates from 04 primary schools in 04 rural villages.
  • 2008 - 80 delegates from 04 primary schools in 03 rural villages.


Childrens-Imbizo-01 Childrens-Imbizo-02

365 days of activism against women and children abuse

Child Care SA has been in involved in the 16 days of activism campaign, which take place every year from the 25th of November to the 10th of December.

Every year we collaborate with government departments and other civil society organisations to make people aware of the negative impact of violence on women and children and encourage them to act against abuse. The idea of working together as stakeholders has broadened the impact of the campaign.

A decision was taken by the Eshowe VEP forum that it should a 365 days with special activities during the international recognise days.


Stand Up & Take Action in South Africa 2009

Stand Up & Take Action is the largest global campaign by people to take action for a better world - A world where no one goes to bed hungry, a world where we protect and respect the environment, where every child has free education and access to good health care, where we have decent jobs, a world with no HIV & AIDS and a world where women are celebrated and respected. We want people to Stand Up and tell everyone about the world they would like to see and live in.

In South Africa, Stand Up & Take Action aimed to mobilise 2 million people. We will do this by engaging people, all over South Africa, in their everyday lives on 16, 17 & 18 October 2009
  • In schools and all other educational institutions.
  • In workplaces.
  • In places where people socialise such as shopping centres and cinemas.
  • In places of worship and other faith based gathering centres.
  • Through sport and sporting events.
  • And through art, music and other forms of creative expression.

Child Care South Africa was the provincial lead campaigner in 2009 for KwaZulu Natal. We managed to convince the MEC for Education in KZN to encourage the 6000 schools in the province to stand up against poverty.


Stand-Up-Take-Action-01 Stand-Up-Take-Action-02