To create an enabling environment in which children are nurtured, valued and
supported in order to facilitate healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development

  • Advocate for children's rights to strengthen community participation
  • To ensure that the orphans and other vulnerable children have access to essential services provided by the government
  • To support children to be able to voice their opinions


  • Facilitate community dialogues and workshops in children's rights in rural areas.
  • Train Traditional Leaders (Amakhosi) and enhance their capacity to protect children in their village.
  • Empower 10 000 children per annum on their rights and responsibility, and how to report abuse.
  • Take up advocacy issues to ensure service delivery by relevant departments.
  • Establish Child Care Forums in villages.
  • Ongoing presentations on children's rights issues.
  • Facilitate the annual Children's Imbizo, a child participation activity.


Child-Advocacy-01 Child-Advocacy-02
"Empowers children in rural communities on their rights and responsibilities and how to report abuse." Thola