The main aim is to provide quality care and support to at-risk children and adolescents from birth to 18 years of age, as well as their families, through a holistic trans-disciplinary team approach.

  • Responding to the psychological needs of children and adolescents
  • Facilitate Access to Education.
  • Provide Health Education & Adherence Counselling
  • Faciltate accsess to essential servicers and resources 


Learner Support Assistants
in 2014 we entered in partnership with the rural schools in Eshowe Circuit. We provide counselling services to chidlren and adolescents within the school environment, this is to enable the educators to focus on teaching while we ensure that the learners are emotional fit to learn.

  • To date we have 60 Learner Support Assistants who have been trained as Lay Counsellors & receive contant Mentorship from Child Care SA and other professionals

Each LSA is deployed to a School to do the following:

  • Identify children and adolescents in need of pyschosocial support
  • Together with the learner explore options for professional support
  • Refferal of cases to a Social Worker, Psychologist, Doctor or any other relevant professionals
  • Conduct health education
  • Raise awareness on social issues through participatory methods
  • Establish & facilitate support groups  
  • Home visits to meet with parents for the support of the learner
Achievements to date:
  • 60 Schools are participating in the project
  • 60 Learner Support Assistants recruited and recieve their stipend from the Expanded Public Works Programme
  • 31000 learners have access to these services  
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