Management and Leadership Development Programme
This is a three-level learning programme designed to support managers of civil society organisations to achieve their full potential as managers and leaders, in their organisations and beyond. It will enable us to learn and develop ourselves:
  • as a whole human being, living and working in our complex, challenging and possibility-rich context;
  • as a manager, guiding and facilitating technical, programmatic and operational work in your organisation and ensuring coherent results; and
  • as a leader, developing and maintaining transformational and strategic relationships to make a positive difference in the world

Child Care SA decided to enrol two staff members: the Director (Lwazi), while he has 8 years of experience working in the NGO sector in which 4 years was in a management position it was important for him to further develop his skills in line with the growth of the organisation. The Projects Coordinator (Nomthandazo) was enrolled as well; she has been serving the organisation for 4 years. In June 2010 Nomthandazo was appointed Projects Coordinator a new role, which included managing people.

We have participated in following levels:
Level 1 – Module 1 (Project Management) and 2 (Learning cycle)
Level 2 – Module 1(HR legal matters) and 2 (Managing people)

The facilitation of the programme have been participatory, the facilitators will outline the topics we will deal with at the start of each Module. They present the information step by step, with fun activities in between to ensure that we understand before moving to the next topic. The Power of the learning is the use of our management stories, where we share our dilemmas. The group is not allowed to give solutions or advice but to ask constructive questions that help you find you’re our solution.

What has it meant for the participants and the organisation?

1. The two Participants:
We have developed both personally and professional. Although our management style may differ we have learned to appreciate each other by supporting and asking constructive questions on regular basis. Lwazi has managed to balance his personal and work life; he is committed to work on his intentions set after each module. Nomthandazo has enhanced her confidence as a manager; she is now bold and not afraid to take decision.

2. Child Care SA:
After the first level it became clear that we needed to form a management team, with clear responsibilities and lines of communications. This was a difficult task as we were breaking the close family style and becoming more professional with a structure. The board approved the new structure and was excited when we proposed the new changes. We have also gained the following:

  • Monitoring & Evaluation, a user friendly tool was shared and we have adopted it.
  • HR legal matters we are currently reviewing our staff contract, this include the volunteers (Child Mentors).

We have looking forward to level three where we will learn about developing our strategy plans. We are grateful to the DGMT for the opportunity to develop our skills and also network with other organisations. Siyabonga!!!

Management and Leadership Development Programme