They share and I learn
I am Veronika, but here they call me “Nobuhle”. I came to work with Child Care five weeks ago as a part of my university internship, and the intention was clear: willing to assist with any tasks, participate in any project run by Child Care. I came here to help others. Slowly I began to learn about the culture. I have spent a lot of time in Child Care offices with my colleagues learning about the organization, the performance, the problems and the way they face it. Thus I got to know the people I work with. What about those we work for?

Some days ago I got the chance to spend two days in a rural village with my mentor “Ngamsile” and local Zulus. I stayed with a three-generation family of seven members. Such a warm, nice, friendly and open people! Despite the very short period I spent there, I felt like a part of them- we cooked and ate together, we shared stories, they gladly showed me their vegetable garden, animals, introduced me to neighbours- they shared their life with me joyfully.

I thought that the life there must be hard, full of sad people and suffering. Now I can say: “Not at all!” Even without tap water, electricity, bathroom- things I always considered necessary and needed- these people live full life! They laugh so much! Family relationships are strong and people are so close to each other. All the children are so playful and curious. All mothers and grandmothers are so loving and caring. One can hardly realize how much love and generosity these people can show and offer to anyone!

Though, I intended to come here to help others and teach them, I ended up being the one who is learning a lot! Every day! The one who needs their help to realize the value of things and relationships- the value of life.

Thank you my Zulu friends!

They hare and I learn They hare and I learn They hare and I learn