The generosity of ‘Mama Africa’
Away from the atmosphere of the city, I have been touched by the generosity and the kindness of the inhabitant of Mvuzane, the village where I stayed one night. All of them greet me and welcome me with a respect that I never seen before. In these small tribes, hierarchy and respect are very present in there day-to-day life.

In the taxi-bus on the road, a stranger asked me where I was going and to meet who. Surprised by the question I answered simply and tried to change the conversation but he stayed on this point. Finally I understood that he just wanted to offer me an accommodation for the night just to make me stop in his village and discover it. What a kindness! I had my first friend.

Arrived to the village, after the sunset, I met the family and some relatives waiting for me to meet me. Three children ran the first to meet me and I gave them piece of chocolate on the road when we walk together with my mentor, Nhlahleni to the house. During the greetings, I were surprised by how the shake the hand. All of them shook my hand with the right hand and touch there elbow with the left hand. I asked them why they did that and they simply explained me that it was sign of great respect. I began so to do it also, especially with older. They liked it! After that, we stayed in the kitchen and prepared the dinner together. It is at this time that they decided to make a fire. Ohh my god! After five minutes, my eyes were crying, I couldn’t breath anymore without feeling that I was going to fall down.. The smoke inside the kitchen was so strong that we couldn’t see each other. But still these laughs, loud and friendly all around the kitchen, which makes you feel at home. After a short night, I discovered an amazing landscape and again an amazing hospitality from the village’s people. I will never forget this generosity, so unexpected from people who don’t have a lot but so positively surprising…

The generosity of ‘Mama Africa’ The generosity of ‘Mama Africa’ The generosity of ‘Mama Africa’