Just the four of us
After a big fire in the kitchen to cook the dinner, the ‘Gogo’ (grand-mother in Zulu), the mam, the child mentor Nomfundo which is almost my age, and me decided to go to eat in the zulu round house which was the bedroom, because the temperature was nice and it was not full of smoke like in the kitchen..

Sited on the floor, each of us took its plate full of rice and spicy beef, and began to eat, at the light of a small gas lamp. This intimate atmosphere was perfect to spoke about confidence and the mam began to talk about funny anecdote she had at work during the day. She spoke about a fat woman, which were always almost sleeping during the council meetings and imitated her so well that the four of us laugh like children. We continued by girl conversations till we decided to go to bed. No matter the age, the gogo and the grandchild shared some private topics and laugh together like two teenagers. At this moment, their pair of feet was touching each other and this made me feel part of the family.

This night, ‘Nozipho’ (my zulu name) never been so real…

Just the four of us Just the four of us