Changing a mind of a young person has never been easy, convincing them to believe that the action that they make will determine their future. On the 26th of July 2012 the Child Care SA team, the SHOMIS in action, went to Sphoso High School for closure of the programme. Now the learners were given knowledge based on the issues that young people face when they are in high schools, they talked about HIV & AIDS, gender abuse, drugs & alcohol, relationships & sexuality, adolescence and counselling skills, and now they are given a chance to talk more about what they have learned through an awareness campaign that will be sponsored by the Child Care SA. The team gave them a chance to talk more about which of the issues are most likely to affect the school, and it turned to be teenage pregnancy. Now our SHOMIS at Sphoso are indeed in action, and were looking forward to the awareness day!

Sphoso High Shomies in Action