Another High School crisis at the rural areas of Eshowe

On the 25th of July 2012 Child Care SA visited Phindulimi high school, under the Vuleka-Be wise programme. It’s a programme that looks at the knowledge that the youth has in terms of the application processes, the opportunities that are offered at the universities, and the way one can be enrolled to one of the universities. Sfiso Cele one of the project officer at the Child Care SA, advised the learners on the route to take when applying at the university or FET colleges. On the other hand, there were several speakers addressing and motivating the young learners about the challenges they may be faced with: like the issues on the HIV and AIDS, there were thought about the usage of condoms, and abstainance. Over all the Child Care SA once again brought light, and a way forward for the upcoming generation.

Vuleka - be wise visits a  rural high school in KwaKhoza Village