Shomies' is a slang word used by young people in our communities which means 'friends'.

To effect positive and healthy lifestyle changes amongst 100 000 young people, which will contribute to the reduction of HIV/Aids, teenage pregnancy and gender based violence in the next 5 years.

  • To minimise the rate of teenage pregnancy.
  • To contribute to the halving of the rate of new HIV/Aids infections and other STIs.
  • To contribute to the decrease in the rate of substance abuse.
  • To contribute to the decrease in the rate of gender based violence among young people.


  • Recruitment of 30 High Schools in rural areas.
  • Training 900 Peer educators on basic counselling skills.
  • Reach out to 20 000 young people in high schools per year through awareness activities planned by Shomies in a form of:
    • Sports activities
    • Debate competitions
    • Speech & Drama


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